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Understanding Therapy for ADHD

You may find the way that I work helpful if you have ADHD.

ADHD Counselling

Uncovering ADHD: Understanding and Addressing the Challenges

You may be one of the many adults who are now finding out the issues that they have struggled with for years are due to ADHD. It can be a huge relief to discover that there is a reason you have had difficulty with: concentration; procrastination; emotional dysregulation; organisation; relationships; feigning interest in things that don’t interest you; fidgeting and feeling restless; becoming hyper-focused on things that do interest you; interrupting during conversations; being late; forgetting appointments; insomnia; fatigue; being hurt easily by others; being short-tempered and being impulsive. 

Because ADHD affects so many aspects of day-to-day functioning, you are likely to have formed a negative view of yourself. You may feel disappointed in your career so far and have found it difficult to stay in jobs for any length of time. You may find it difficult to sustain intimate relationships, friendships or working relationships. You may have a history of getting really interested in a subject, feeling sure that this will be your next career only to suddenly lose interest. All of these issues may have made you really critical of yourself.

Understanding and Releasing Masks: How Accepting Yourself Can Help You Connect with Others

You may have found ways of disguising how difficult you find day-to-day tasks that others seem to find so easy.  This can mean adopting masks to fit every occasion or group of people. Although this may disguise what is going on for you, it will be contributing to the fatigue that you feel. It can be really helpful to look at these masks as adaptations that have helped you survive. Once you are aware that you have been using them to try and fit in, you can begin to consider the extent to which they still serve you. It may be that you have surrounded yourself with people who you feel wouldn’t accept you without masking. Once you begin to accept yourself, you will find that there are people who accept you as you are and that it becomes less important to seek the approval of those who don’t. 
ADHD Counselling

Finding Acceptance Through ADHD Counselling in Devon

Whilst you may have done some reading around and recognised many ADHD traits in yourself that you are struggling with, it is equally important to recognise the benefits. The people I meet with ADHD are: interesting to be around; know a lot about their subject; get really involved in what they are working on (as long as it is of interest); generous; engaging; creative and able to problem solve in alternative and innovative ways
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